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Distributor Maintenance and Customer Relationships: Why is it crucial to a successful company?

Having expensive and pivotal equipment for your company is the first step, but for the

equipment to execute top-notch work, you need a plan on how you will best take care of


With regular repair maintenance set in place, you will notice in the long run that it is

saving your company time, money and hassle. On top of worker productivity, It extends

equipment life and lowers overall repair costs – as long as you have the parts and

knowledge to repair it.

Janitorial and Sanitary distributors are valuable partners for equipment maintenance

because knowing what parts and how many to have in stock is a true skill.

What are the consequences of not having enough or too many in stock? Not having

enough leads to longer lead times for repairs, which may turn away customers that

need it right away. On the other hand, having too much could take up storage real

estate for unnecessary stock, products could have a time specific shelf life, and the

extra products could put you over budget.

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