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Is The Future of Cleaning Going Robot?


Undeniably, when most of us look into the future, we see robots doing many things. Believe it or not, some of that futuristic robotic cleaning may be closer than we think. It may sound like if we switch gears to autonomous vacuums and scrubbers that janitorial and maintenance jobs might be on the outs, but that’s not true. By using robots for some tasks, it allows staff time to focus on other tasks that may be higher priority. You may be thinking, well, where do I begin?

Increased Prolificacy

With these robots, you don’t have to worry about missing a spot or two, you will have a perfect cleaning route every time. These robots clean scale areas without supervision and the technology in them allows for constant learning and improvement within their performance. This frees up some time for maintenance and janitorial supervisors because now the responsibility of sanitorial supervision is eliminated.

Peace of Mind

The machine has a Smart Detection System which makes it possible for over 80 billion square feet to be safely cleaned. This includes being able to safely avoid people and obstacles that may be in the way. It also keeps a safe distance from walls and objects while still maintaining a perfect clean.

Controls Made Simple

To feel more in control, this machine has controls which allow you to monitor all functions in

manual or autonomous modes. It’s one button to operate all cleaning functions. When in manual mode, you can adjust all modes to better suit your individual needs.


When in autonomous function, the key can be removed by authorized personnel. This makes it so the easy-to-see indicators and lights are operated properly.


The technology within this machine is called the Cloud Connected LCD Interface. This allows the functions to change from autonomous to manual and back with one touch. With your smartphone, you can teach the robot many different routes simultaneously and then save them for future use.

A Leap Into The Future!

Don’t want to be tied into a long-term service contract and more so want to try out this machine to see how it will benefit your needs? Look no further than

Kärcher’s autonomous rental program. Plans are available in 3, 6, or 12 month increments.

Delivery, training, service and consumables are all included in the rental. Happy roboting!

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