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Although it may seem as though there may be a more beneficial design to the traditional and common three-shelf storage cleaning cart, have you ever thought about just personalizing and organizing it so that it directly targets your company's cleaning needs? It may seem confusing how three shelves on wheels can fit all of your cleaning equipment and chemicals, but sometimes it just takes a little “readjusting.”



These carts started as metal units with three shelves and have since become multifunctional models that hold much more. The purpose of the everlasting transformation is so companies and facilities have more options when completing maintenance and sanitary tasks.  These carts have numerous platform areas to hold mops and vacuums with hooks, as well as caution signs, too. There is a specific place for trash and recycling. Since this cart now needed to hold more items, the base of the cart was then created to maintain stability. Some are even accommodating a microfiber charging bucket for flat mops. Some carts have removable drawers and caddies, making it safer for custodias to transport and organize chemicals.


What caused the change?

When visiting companies and buildings that utilized these cleaning carts, it was common to see a pile of them stacked up in a closet or a hallway. These were the ones that were broken and if they're not crucial to the functionality of the maintenance crew, why bother fixing them? The newer convertible design allowed for the company to personalize the cart so that it would be crucial to the maintenance and cleanliness of the building. This included moveable walls and modules which allowed constant change or configuration. Now, these carts are key in the cleanliness of a building.


Why choose the modern design?

The nice part about a personalizable cleaning cart is that if you need to use it for something else besides your sanitary and maintenance needs, you can easily make that happen. From the ground up, you can transform the cart to make it just right for its job.

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