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Harmony in Hygiene: Tips on Achieving Work-Life Balance

Why Is a Work-Life Balance So Important?


The definition:

What exactly is a “work-life balance” many may ask? A work-life balance is when you adjust your time and mental measure on work AND life outside of work. In simpler terms, this means that you are able to complete all necessary assignments and duties in a timely manner for work related things, while also having the time and energy to do those things you enjoy at home with family and friends, too. There are many benefits to having this balance, but most importantly, it allows you to have continued motivation at work and be able to genuinely enjoy your time outside of work, while being fully present in the moment.


How do you create a work-life balance?

A work-life balance is not categorized under “one size fits all.” In sustaining a proper work-life balance you have to give it constant attention and create a schedule that works best for you.Even if you feel like sometimes work is getting most of your attention and at other times your home life is, prioritizing both and finding that steady middle ground is the goal.


Put away your work when it’s time to do so

With the advanced technology that we have access to today, it’shard to end the workday when that imaginary buzzer goes off. However, you need to set boundaries with coworkers and know when it is time to turn off your notifications and email once the business hours are over. Make sure you have a plan for emergency situations.


Limit wasteful time

While taking breaks is crucial in keeping your focus during a long and busy workday, make sure you are focusing on the important tasks, so you can get them completed by the due date. Identify tasks in order of priority and limit anything that may make you procrastinate.


Communicate with your employer and your family & friends

Make sure you feel comfortable with the communication you have with your employer. If you ever feel burnt out, let them know. It is just as important that you are achieving the goals in your personal life as it is in your work life and if you are burnt out, it’s hard to meet either of those goals.


Constantly update and revisit your schedule

Keeping a work-life balance requires constant change and shift within your work and home life schedule. Make sure you are constantly checking on your schedules to make sure you are altering anything that may need tweaking to sustain that perfect balance.


Control the stress using beneficial techniques

Exercise, meditation and personal hobbies are all great ways to relieve stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your workload, make sure that during the time you reserve for your personal life, you are doing something to control your stress.


What are the benefits?

- Higher productivity

- Longer stay at a company

- Higher level work

- Better results

- Healthier relationships

- Personal growth

- The ability to be more present

- Less stress

- Continuously improving physical and mental health


Here's to a happy and succesful 2024 from NESSA!

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